Insurance and Payment Options

Ensuring you receive the best possible dental care.

Easy and transparent payment options for your dental treatment!
We prioritize convenience and transparency in every aspect, including payment for your dental care. We understand the importance of straightforward pricing and providing clear estimates, as well as assisting you in overcoming any financial challenges that may arise. Our dedicated team is fully committed to helping you attain excellent dental health.

Insurance & Billing

We are dedicated to providing exceptional dental care tailored to your specific oral needs. Our goal is to ensure you receive the best possible treatment and services. We proudly accept a wide range of insurance plans, including Delta Dental, as we are in-network providers. To determine if your insurance covers our services, please contact our office directly. Our team is here to assist you with insurance filing and various payment options to make the process seamless.

During your visit, we prioritize sitting down with you to discuss any dental concerns you may have. We will provide detailed treatment recommendations and work with you to explore suitable payment options. Our experienced financial coordinator will handle all the necessary insurance paperwork and help you find the payment method that suits your preferences. It’s important to note that patients are responsible for any expenses not covered by insurance, and a percentage of the treatment cost is typically due at the time of service. For more information, please reach out to us. We are always available to address your questions, alleviate any concerns, and guide you towards effective solutions.

Payment & Financing Options

We offer various convenient payment options to accommodate your needs. You can make payments using cash, check, or major credit cards such as Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. In addition, we are pleased to accept CareCredit, a financing solution designed to assist with treatments and procedures not covered by insurance. CareCredit offers attractive interest rates and allows you to establish a long-term payment plan.

Applying for CareCredit is quick and easy. Simply visit and follow a few simple steps, including an instant approval process. Once approved, you can utilize the credit for the dental services you require. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you and address any inquiries you may have about financing options. Feel free to reach out to us for guidance in choosing the payment option that best suits your situation.

I was a patient of Dr. Lee's from about 2015-2019, leaving only because I moved oversees. Dr. Lee and her team provided exceptional care throughout my time as a patient. Since leaving, I've seen two other dentists and *both* have commented on the high quality of work done by Dr. Lee. In addition to the quality dental work, I should also say that her team was always friendly and efficient in their work. I also appreciated that Dr. Lee is actively engaged in the community - teaching at UW and (coincidentally) volunteering at the non-profit where I used to work. It was always a pleasure to connect with Dr. Lee on our commitment to service. Dr Lee: thank you for the great care over the years - I have been especially grateful to have high quality dental work prior to an extended stay abroad. Thank you!!
Roughly 7 years ago, I moved back to the Seattle area and needed to find a dentist. My teeth were LONG overdue for a cleaning, and I went through a quick google search and found Dr. Lee. I scheduled an appointment and decided to give her office a try for a cleaning. After many years of not getting regular dental care, I had several cavities and remember being rather embarrassed. Her team was so great, and never made me feel badly about my teeth. I was fortunate to have insurance that covered cleanings and the majority of my fillings, and did not have to pay much out of pocket. I had such a wonderful experience during that first visit, that I've continued my care with Dr. Lee and her team ever since! I have never had a bad experience with a hygienist in the 7 years I've been treating at her office! Each and every person on staff is warm, friendly, caring and personable. They each work very hard to make sure you are comfortable and communicate very clearly what is happening during each step of the appointment. I had a cleaning earlier today and was so at ease, that I nearly fell asleep! Many of the staff are long-term members, and I look forward to seeing them at my visits and catching up. Dr. Lee herself is the best part of the visit. She always makes a point to come by and do a quick check during the visit, and say hi. She is professional, caring and has a wonderful sense of humor. Dr. Lee is truly an expert in her field and I trust the work she does, and the work of her team as well. I keep coming back to Dr. Lee year after year because of her and her wonderful staff! Her office is also easy to access-just a few blocks away from the freeway and there's a parking lot in front and back of the building, so no hunting down street or metered parking like many neighborhoods in Seattle. I have recommended Dr. Lee to all of my friends and family in the area and will continue to see her for all of my dental needs.
I am one of those who typically does NOT enjoy the dental experience. I have all the classic anxieties and dread that come with someone working inside your face. HOWEVER. I chose Dr. Lee's office because their website has an entire section about patient comfort measures, which include blankets, neck pillows and nitrous oxide. The availability of these tools, in conjunction with the gentleness and care of Dr. Lee and her staff, (especially Theresa and Carmela,) and the kindness of Briana at the front desk, make me certain I've made the right choice. I recommend Dr. Lee's office to all my friends, (and to you, too, dear reader). I couldn't be more satisfied with how far out of their way they go to make me comfortable in an anxious situation. Thanks, Dr. Lee and staff!
Dr. Lee and ALL staff are simply amazing! I came to Dr Lee after several years of not caring for my teeth and didn’t feel an ounce of judgment. Dr Lee does an amazing job of explaining your care plan and has such a great sense of humor. I would recommend Dr Lee and team to anyone.
I’ve been going to this clinic since I had teeth. When Dr. Lee took over, they did a number of remodels and equipment upgrades, and have kept very current with new tools and techniques. When I had a recent medical procedure, the hygienist asked me about it, brought in Dr. Lee, and they checked in with my Dr to make sure I could have the dental treatment- turns out, it can sometimes kick up issues in my disease state shortly after surgery. I really appreciated that holistic care. Lastly, Dr. Lee and her hygienists are very friendly, gentle with cleaning, and courteous in scheduling and follow up. A great place to receive care!